Sewer Replacement

Sewer Replacement in Mobile, AL

When it comes to sewer replacement in Mobile, AL, home and business owners need a reliable and professional plumbing company they can trust. Plumbco is proud to be the top choice for affordable and effective sewer replacement services in Mobile and the surrounding areas. With years of experience and expertise on our side, the Plumbco team will put an end to your sewer problems once and for all. Read more about our work below!

Affordable & Effective Sewer Replacement

Over time, sewer pipes can deteriorate due to age, root intrusion, ground shifting, or corrosion, leading to sewage leaks, blockages, and potential health hazards. Sewer replacement typically involves excavating the old pipes and replacing them with modern, durable materials that offer improved longevity and performance. By investing in sewer replacement, home and business owners can ensure the reliable and efficient transportation of wastewater, contributing to the overall well-being and sustainability of their property.

At Plumbco, we are aware that sewer replacement can be a significant investment. That’s why we offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options to make the process as affordable as possible. Plus, our experienced team uses advanced technology and industry-leading techniques to provide efficient sewer replacement services that minimize disruption to your daily routine, so your life will be back to normal before you know it!

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Do You Need Sewer Line Repair or Sewer Line Replacement?

Determining whether you need a complete sewer line replacement or a simple sewer repair can be challenging. Some common signs that may indicate the need for total sewer replacement in Mobile, AL, include:

  • Persistent sewer backups
  • Foul odors coming from drains
  • Slow-draining sinks, tubs, and toilets
  • Gurgling sounds from your plumbing system
  • Patches of unusually green grass in your yard

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s essential to contact Plumbco ASAP. Our friendly plumbers will assess the situation, then help you choose between repair and replacement based on your budget, needs, and the long-term health of your property’s plumbing system.

Sewer Replacement FAQ

Tree roots can be a significant problem for sewer lines, as they can infiltrate the pipes and cause blockages or damage. To fix tree roots in a sewer line, a plumber may first use a combination of hydro jetting and drain snaking to clear out the roots before repairs are attempted. Once this task has been completed, we can assess the need for sewer replacement.

To replace a section of PVC sewer pipe, a plumber will first locate the damaged section and then dig a trench to access it. They will then cut out the damaged section and install a new piece of PVC pipe using appropriate connectors and solvent cement. Finally, they will backfill the trench and ensure the pipe is functioning correctly.

Some signs that a drain pipe may be broken include:

  • Frequent clogs or slow drains
  • Sewage backups in tubs, sinks, or toilets
  • Mysterious bad smells around the drains and pipes
  • Unexplained water damage or mold growth


If you suspect a broken drain pipe, contact Plumbco as soon as you can for a thorough inspection and diagnosis, since damage can continue to multiply when a pipe is broken.

The cost of sewer replacement in Mobile, AL, can vary depending on factors such as the length and depth of the sewer line, the type of pipe material used, and the complexity of the installation process. Plumbco offers competitive pricing and financing options to make sewer replacement more affordable for our customers. Call us today to get a free, no-obligation quote!

We understand that sewer replacement in Mobile, AL, can be disruptive to your daily routine. Our team works diligently to minimize the impact on your property and your schedule. We use advanced technology to reduce the need for extensive digging and shorten the project timeline. You’ll be back to enjoying your home or managing your business in no time at all!

Enjoy Perfect Plumbing With Plumbco!

When you need sewer replacement in Mobile, AL, trust the experts at Plumbco to provide affordable, effective, and minimally invasive solutions. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your sewer system functions optimally, protecting your property and your peace of mind. Contact Plumbco today to schedule an appointment and enjoy perfect plumbing for years to come!