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When you run into trouble with your plumbing — whether at home or at your business — you need a company you can trust. After all, the last thing you want after you come home to a clogged kitchen sink is to get swindled out of your hard-earned cash by a plumber that doesn’t truly care about you.

Plumbco is your reliable local plumbing company in Mobile County, AL, and we’re happy to help! From repairs to installations, our experienced plumbers are here to provide top-notch plumbing services around the clock. Read on to discover how Plumbco can address your plumbing issues efficiently and effectively, or give us a call right now if you’re dealing with an urgent issue, and our team will be there ASAP!

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A Local Plumbing Company You Can Depend On

At Plumbco, we don’t just enjoy providing you with effective plumbing services. We also take pride in being a part of the Mobile County community. We value and appreciate our customers in Mobile and Baldwin counties because they’re our neighbors, and we’re YOUR neighbors too! No matter what, we strive to deliver exceptional service with a personal touch, and you can count on our commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and courtesy. Our team of experienced plumbers is dedicated to ensuring your plumbing systems function flawlessly, whether you’re experiencing problems at your residential property or in a commercial establishment.

Other plumbers may be focused on their bottom line, but we’re more interested in building relationships and trust with our customers. We stand behind all of the plumbing work we do here at Plumbco, no matter the size of the job. If a plumbing service we perform doesn’t meet your needs or solve your problem, we promise to make it right. Homeowners and business owners throughout Mobile County have come to depend on our professional, courteous, and reliable plumbers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We want to make life in your residential or commercial building easier and more comfortable every time we stop by, no matter what.

Our Plumbing Services

Plumbco offers a comprehensive range of professional plumbing services to cater to the diverse needs of our customers in Mobile County. We specialize in both commercial and residential plumbing services, providing plumbing solutions for all types of customers. Some of our key services include:

Plumbing Repairs

From minor leaks to major pipe bursts to sudden septic tank spillage, our skilled technicians can handle all types of plumbing repairs. Our plumbing company in Mobile County, AL, responds promptly to plumbing emergencies to minimize damage and inconvenience. Once we arrive at your home, we’ll spring into action, diagnosing plumbing problems and making any necessary repairs or water pipe replacements.

Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s a clogged toilet or a gurgling garbage disposal drain, there’s no doubt that a clogged drain can disrupt your daily routine. Our experts use advanced drain cleaning techniques to unclog pipes efficiently and ensure a smooth water flow. We also provide routine professional drain cleaning so that you never have to worry about buildup in your pipes. If it’s been over a year since you last had your drains cleaned, contact our plumbers today to book a drain cleaning service now! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how nice it is to no longer have to worry about grabbing the plunger to attack a clogged drain yet again.

Water Heater Services

Are you tired of tepid water flowing through your pipes, resulting in lukewarm showers that simply don’t get the job done? It sounds like you need a water heater repair… and fast! If the water heater at your home or business malfunctions, our technicians can provide the necessary repairs or recommend energy-efficient replacements.

Sewer Line Replacement & Repair

Pipes can become weaker as they age, especially if they aren’t regularly maintained. For damaged or aging sewer lines, we offer professional replacement and repair services to prevent sewage backups and maintain a healthy environment. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to inspect and repair sewer line problems with minimal interruption to your daily routine.

Plumbing Installations

Are you adding a bathroom to your home or converting a half bath into a full-sized one? It’s essential to hire experienced plumbers for this tricky task since one wrong step could lead to a serious leak in your new shower, toilet, or faucet. For the best kitchen and bathroom plumbing in the business, call on Plumbco, and our team will get the job done right the first time! Whether it’s a new sink, toilet, or faucet installation, our plumbing company in Mobile County, AL, will ensure proper setup and functionality for all your plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing Repair FAQs

Do you have questions about plumbing repair or other inquiries about our plumbing business? We love to keep customers informed about the service we provide, so if you have a question, chances are we have an answer. Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below!

We specialize in a wide range of plumbing issues, including leaks, clogged drains, pipe repairs, water heater malfunctions, and sewer line problems, among others. To summarize our work in one sentence: If you have a plumbing problem, we can fix it!

If your pipes burst, you spot a leak in a joint or pipe, you smell or see waste backup, or multiple drains in your home are clogged, you may need emergency plumbing repairs. If this type of plumbing emergency occurs, the first step is to turn off your home’s water supply to prevent further damage. Then, reach out to our plumbing company in Mobile County, AL, immediately for swift plumbing and drain repairs. Our courteous and punctual plumbing repair specialists will be there in a jiffy!

The cost of a plumbing repair can vary depending on the extent of the issue and the required materials. Whether you need residential or commercial plumbing assistance, we understand that the expenses involved can be prohibitive for some. At Plumbco, we take pride in ensuring that prices for all of our services remain both competitive and transparent — and we’ll always provide you with a free estimate before starting any work.

Yes, of course! All of our plumbers are licensed professionals, and we carry insurance to protect our customers and their properties during service. For both the sake of your own safety and your property’s safety, we strongly discourage requesting plumbing services from other plumbers that are not licensed and insured.

It isn’t always easy to determine when you need a plumbing repair versus when you might need to have something replaced instead. Our experienced technicians will assess the condition of your house or commercial building’s plumbing system and provide honest recommendations based on the extent of the damage and the overall efficiency of the system.

In the majority of cases, we will be able to fix the damage. However, in some circumstances, it may save you more money to invest in replacement rather than continuing to pay to have a faulty fixture or pipe repaired. No matter what we recommend, we promise to always keep you informed about your options and the costs associated with them.

Need Plumbing Repairs in Mobile County? Call Today!

When you need a reliable and efficient plumbing company in Mobile County, AL, call on Plumbco, and you’ll never be disappointed! Our experienced plumbers are committed to providing top-notch service for all your plumbing needs. Whether it’s a minor pipe repair, a routine drain cleaning, a new sewage pump installation, or an emergency situation, we have the expertise to handle it all. Contact Plumbco today, and experience the difference of working with a local plumbing company that’s been trusted by Mobile and Baldwin counties for over a decade! We’re looking forward to providing you with Alabama’s best plumbing services.