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If you’ve been searching for a plumbing company in the Mobile area, you’ve likely already noticed that you have a wide variety of options to choose from. However, not all plumbing companies provide the same level of service, transparency, and dedication to customer satisfaction. And when you’re already dealing with the stress of plumbing issues, the last thing you want is to be swindled out of your hard-earned money by an unscrupulous unlicensed plumber or so-called helpful handyman.

At Plumbco, we’re proud to say that our multi-generation, family-owned and operated plumbing company stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our plumbers specialize in both residential and commercial plumbing services in Fairhope, AL, and our professionalism, friendly service, and commitment to our customers has allowed us to make a name for ourselves throughout the Fairhope area and beyond. Keep reading to discover why so many residential and commercial clients rely on our company for repairs, or book your service now and we’ll be there to help right away!

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Our Plumbing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial plumbing services in Fairhope, AL. From cleaning pipes and fixing water heaters to providing sewer repairs and plumbing installations, we’re here to ensure your plumbing systems function at their best!

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing issues can range from stopped-up shower drains and broken pipes to faucet leak issues and toilet tank problems. Our plumbers provide high-quality plumbing services in Fairhope, AL, using video pipe inspections to accurately diagnose the problem. Whether it’s a minor maintenance job for your toilet or a full-blown emergency plumbing repair, our company prioritizes your satisfaction anytime you call us for assistance.

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can lead to raw sewage backing up through your pipes and entering your house, posing a serious health risk. Our drain cleaning services are designed to repair these issues, as well as prevent your drains from getting clogged in the future. We utilize an advanced sewer camera to check each drain and pipe for clogs, then use roto-rooter and hydro-jetting technology to remove any pipe blockages, including tree roots and other obstructions.

How often should you have your drains cleaned? It’s a common question our plumbing pros receive from both residential and commercial customers. If it’s been a long time since you scheduled drain cleaning, you may be overdue for an appointment. We recommend drain cleaning at least twice per year, especially if you have a history of clogged drains or sewer line issues. Regular drain cleaning keeps your appliances (such as water heaters and washing machines) more efficient, improves water pressure throughout your house, and helps us find and repair hidden plumbing issues before they get worse.

Water Heater Services

Hot water is essential for everyday activities like showering, cooking, and cleaning. We offer a range of hot water heater services, including hot water heater repair, water heater maintenance, and water heater installation. From old-fashioned gas and electric water heaters to the modern tankless water heaters of today, our experienced plumbing pros can handle it all.

As water heaters age, they become significantly less efficient. If you’re struggling with your water heater, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Over time, continuing to pay for water heater repairs can end up costing homeowners a fortune. Our friendly local plumbers can help you select a new water heater that will save you time, money, and effort. We carry a variety of water heaters to suit every need and budget, so you can select something perfect for your house or commercial property.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Sewer line issues can cause significant damage if not addressed promptly. Our team offers expert sewer repair and replacement services. We use advanced leak detection methods, including video pipe inspections, to pinpoint the problem and provide effective solutions. We also ensure that every job we perform is completed with minimal disruption, whether you require a single new pipe or comprehensive repiping services.

Plumbing Installations

Whether you need assistance installing a new water heater or an entire plumbing system for new construction, our qualified plumbers will ensure the job is done right. We adhere to all local and state codes, ensuring your residential or commercial property’s plumbing system operates safely and efficiently.

Plumbing Service FAQs

Do you have questions for our experienced plumbers? Here are a few of the most common inquiries we receive about our plumbing services in Fairhope, AL:

Yes, each plumber at Plumbco is licensed and fully insured, ensuring a reliable and secure service for all your plumbing requirements.

Plumbco stands out through a combination of years of combined experience, advanced technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our plumbing experts have been serving Mobile, AL, homes and businesses for years with a commitment to professionalism, friendliness, and transparency. Whether you need a small repair or a major plumbing overhaul, we are the plumbing company you can trust.

Absolutely! Unlike some other plumbers in the area, our locally owned and operated company offers free estimates for all our plumbing services, reflecting our commitment to transparency and allowing you to plan your projects effectively. We understand that the cost of plumbing repairs can be daunting, so we’re also committed to competitive pricing as well. However, please note that we do charge a $50 service fee if the estimate is not accepted. If you’re interested in receiving an estimate for plumbing service, give us a call today, and a licensed plumber will be in touch with you shortly.

Yes, Plumbco recognizes the urgency of plumbing issues. Our 24/7 emergency plumbing services ensure a swift response to address urgent situations efficiently. Give us a call, and a plumbing contractor will be on your doorstep ASAP to take care of your needs.

In a plumbing emergency, the first step is to turn off the water supply. Next, contact Plumbco immediately for plumbing repair. Our expert team will guide you through the situation and dispatch assistance swiftly.

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Plumbco is committed to providing the best plumbing services in Fairhope, AL, bar none. Our team of top plumbers offers more than just residential and commercial repairs and installations. We’re here to help maintain your plumbing fixtures, pipes, and drains, ensuring they serve you efficiently for years to come. From roto-rooter services and sewer cleaning to leak detection and toilet repair, there are few things our expert plumbers can’t handle.

Don’t let a leak, clogged pipe, or broken toilet tank disrupt your daily routine or throw a wrench into your business operations. If you’re local to Fairhope or elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, you can trust Plumbco to deliver exceptional plumbing service every time. Call us today, and we’ll see you soon!