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Plumbing Services in Battles Wharf, AL

Welcome to Battles Wharf, where Plumbco takes the stage as the unrivaled provider of premium plumbing services. As your local plumbing experts, we understand the unique needs of Battles Wharf-area residents and businesses. Our mission is clear: to deliver unparalleled plumbing services in Battles Wharf, AL, ensuring your plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains, and other components operate seamlessly. Let’s dive into the spectrum of services we offer to bring perfection to your plumbing needs!

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Plumbing Services We Provide

Need assistance with plumbing issues or simply considering investing a new water heater, toilet tank, or shower fixture? Our multi-generation family-owned and operated company has decades of combined experience assisting residential and commercial clients, so you can rest assured we will handle the job with expertise and professionalism. Our local plumbers provide a wide variety of plumbing services in Battles Wharf, AL, including but not limited to:

Plumbing Repairs

While there are a few things the average homeowner can do around the house to keep things moving, complex plumbing tasks such as water heater repairs and broken pipes are best left to a licensed plumber. Attention all Alabama home and business owners… meet your solution to plumbing woes! Our adept plumbers specialize in swift and effective plumbing services in Battles Wharf, AL. From minor leaks to major malfunctions, trust us to handle it with expertise, leaving your plumbing system as good as new.

Drain Cleaning

Are clogged drains disrupting your daily routine? A variety of plumbing malfunctions can result in drain problems, such as tree roots stuck in your pipes, leak issues, and other hidden hassles. But don’t worry! Plumbco’s experienced plumbers are armed with advanced techniques to provide efficient residential and commercial drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, drain repairs, and much more. We utilize state-of-the-art roto-rooter and hydro-jetting equipment to remove blockages and buildup from your drains and pipes. Call our crew for service today, and a friendly plumber will help you get things moving again in your drains and pipes!


Many property owners ask our plumbers how often they should schedule drain cleaning. While the specific interval you may require drain cleaning depends on the age of your pipes and your plumbing usage, we typically recommend booking a drain cleaning appointment at least once every six months. This not only keeps your plumbing running smoothly but also results in less stress on water-using appliances, like water heaters and washing machines.

Water Heater Services

Water heaters can be finicky to say the very least, and malfunctioning hot water heaters can throw a wrench in anyone’s plans — whether your unit is acting up due to a leak, aging tank, or efficiency hiccup. Does it always feel like you can’t get enough hot water for your household, or are your energy bills skyrocketing with no end in sight? Then it’s time to call our pro plumbers for reliable repairs! Our comprehensive hot water heater services cover everything from water heater repair to water heater maintenance and more. Whatever type of water heater you use in your house or at your commercial property, our plumbing company can assist with all your water heater needs.


Are you overdue for a water heater upgrade? Over time, aging water heaters can end up costing you a significant amount of cash, whether due to needing repeated repairs or becoming less efficient over time. If you’re interested in a new water heater installation, our plumbers are happy to help you select something modern that will help you save on plumbing costs, such as one of our modern, efficient tankless water heaters. Contact our company for a service estimate today and we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know!

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Do you smell something funny coming from your drains or pipes? Raw sewage lurking in your pipes or bubbling up through your drains can pose a serious health hazard for you and others in your residential or commercial building; therefore, sewer line repair should be performed ASAP if something seems amiss. Our plumbing company excels in efficient sewer replacement and repairs. Using cutting-edge technology (such as video pipe inspections) for accurate diagnosis, we ensure minimal disruption to your property during all sewage repair work. Whether you need a quick water pipe replacement to address a leak or a complex sewer line repair on company property, we promise to get the job done on-schedule and on-budget so you no longer have to put up with the scent of sewage!

Plumbing Installations

We aren’t the only plumbing company in Battles Wharf, AL, but we’re always striving to hold ourselves to a higher standard than other plumbers in the area. Besides plumbing repair, one of our most popular services is residential plumbing installation, and we’re proud to say that our company is second to none for any residential or commercial plumbing installation job you have in mind. Whether you need a new pipe, a toilet tank replacement, or an entire plumbing system for a new construction project, our expert plumbers deliver top-notch service throughout the Gulf Coast area.

Plumbing Service FAQs

Do you have questions for our plumbers? We understand… after all, your home’s plumbing is serious business! Read on to discover more about our plumbing services in Battles Wharf, AL, and learn what sets our locally owned and operated company apart from the rest!

Absolutely, every local plumber at Plumbco holds a valid license and is fully insured, ensuring a high standard of professionalism and protection for our clients.

Plumbco sets itself apart by combining experienced professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a customer-centric approach to plumbing service. We never make sloppy repairs or attempt temporary fixes; rather, we’re committed to providing service that truly works for our customers throughout the Mobile and Baldwin County areas. Whatever reason you may need a plumber, our commitment is to deliver exceptional plumbing service that exceeds your expectations… every time!

Certainly! We understand that the cost of plumbing service can be daunting, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting into. In order to provide you with the best service possible and enable you to plan your projects with transparency and confidence, Plumbco provides complimentary estimates for every plumbing service we provide. Whether you need a simple toilet repair or an intricate sewer line service, we provide all of our residential and commercial customers with transparent and straightforward price estimates before we begin repairs. However, please note that we do charge a $50 service fee if the estimate is not accepted. If you need an estimate for a plumbing repair or installation, contact us today to request your estimate!

Yes! If you run into trouble with your house or business’s plumbing systems, Plumbco is ready to assist 24/7. Our emergency plumbing services ensure a swift response to urgent plumbing issues, providing peace of mind to our clients. When you encounter a water heater leak, sewer line rupture, or burst pipe, don’t risk working with any old unlicensed plumber in the Mobile area. Instead, trust Plumbco for reliable emergency repair service every time.

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency such as an overflowing toilet, frozen pipes, or damaged water heater, turn off your water supply immediately and contact Plumbco. Our knowledgeable plumbers will guide you through the situation and dispatch assistance promptly.

Enjoy Plumbing Perfection!

At Plumbco, being a licensed plumbing contractor is more than a title; it’s a commitment to excellence. We prioritize getting the job done right the first time, providing lasting solutions instead of quick fixes. With a team boasting a combined wealth of experience, we proudly stand as the top plumbers in Battles Wharf and beyond. We’re not just passionate about installing sewer lines and helping repair leaky toilet tanks; we truly care about serving Mobile, AL, and the surrounding community, one satisfied customer at a time. Call us today to book plumbing services in Battles Wharf, AL, now!